Do you run or walk in kilometres?

Do you use km’s instead of miles to record your walks or runs? Many others do and I’ve done it in the past. It is useful if you are working towards a 5km Parkrun for example or a 10km run.

But you have signed up Your Mile Challenge and you want to keep recording in km’s, what do you do?

You can convert the km to miles or to make it simple, you can submit your evidence in km as long as you have reached the distance that you set yourself.

Kilometre to Miles

1 km is equal to 0.621371 miles – to keep it easy and round it off, 1km = 0.62 miles

But there is a little discrepancy when you start to add a number of kilometres. For example if you were doing a 5km such as a Parkrun, to conver to miles we would calculate 5km x 0.62m = 3.1miles. But if we convert 3.1 miles to km we get 4.98897km!

So, what do figures do we use??

What if I have signed up for 50 miles for the month, how many kilometres would that be I hear you ask.

Well 1 mile = 1.60934 kilometres but we don’t want to complicate this any further than it needs to be, so what we have done is let you know the number of kilometres you need to do to complete that challenges.

1 mile per day

For 30 day months, you will need to do 48km

31 day months you need to aim for 50km

And for February? Aim for 45km

What about 50 miles and 100 miles?

For 50 miles you will need to do 80km for the month

For 100 miles you will need to do 161km for the month

If you are unsure at all about any of this, do drop us a message. We are here to help you on your mile challenge!!